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RO water treatment for pharmaceutical industry

RO water treatment for the pharmaceutical industry – A brief discussion!!!

Now a days,

RO water treatment for the pharmaceutical industry is a major concern.

A life with salty water is always an issue. Water with impurities always creates headaches. Then…what about pharmaceutical industries whose major processes are involved with water i.e., purified water?

There are many pharmaceutical industries struggling to obtain purified water for their drug manufacturing sectors. Water is not only an ingredient for them but also it acts as a lifesaver when it is used for manufacturing medicines, life-saving drugs, etc. Such pharmaceutical companies have to go through this article to choose the right choice for RO water treatment in their pharmaceutical industries.

What is RO Water Treatment? (RO – Reverse Osmosis )

RO Water Treatment is the process to purify water by filtering salts, bacteria, viruses, large molecules, and other Impurities. This process is taken place with the help of a membrane called a semipermeable membrane. This membrane contains many small pores whose size is ranging between 0.01 micron to 0.001 microns. 

What is the role of the semipermeable membrane in the RO system?

The fluid is passed with maximum pressure to this membrane and the pores in this membrane help to get the purified water by removing all the sediments such as microorganisms, salts, etc.

Water has a dynamic role for different uses in the pharmaceutical industry. Depending upon the category of pharmaceutical uses, they need different degrees of water purity.

RO for purified water :

Purified water is the water that is free from microbial contamination and it should achieve the criteria for ionic and organic chemical purity.
To feel the goodness of purified water,
Reverse Osmosis is your final choice in RO water treatment for the pharmaceutical industry.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) accomplishes the following different needs of purified water in the pharmaceutical industry :

💦Preparation of products of external use
💦Cleaning of components
💦Production of FDFs
💦Used for tests
💦Formulation of syrups
💦Water for Injection
💦Sterile Water for Injection
💦Sterile water for irrigations
💦Sterile water for inhalation
💦Steam generation
💦Final Rinse
💦Table coating process

Purified water acts as an excipient in the pharmaceutical production industry for the separation of active ingredient which is contained in the medicine or the purification of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient)

🔸 Preparation of products of external use:
There are many products that are intended for external usage in the human body. Ointments, creams, gels, etc all belong to this category. As purified water is the main ingredient to prepare all these products, industries that produce such products are hurrying to buy RO water treatment for the pharmaceutical industry.

🔸Cleaning of components:
If someone has installed RO water treatment for the pharmaceutical industry, he can make use of RO treated purified water for non-parenteral product contact components

🔸Production of FDFs:
If there is a presence of RO water treatment for the pharmaceutical industry, purified water as a result of Reverse Osmosis can be utilized for the preparation of non-sterile FDFs (Finished Dosage Form).

🔸Used for tests:
RO treated water can also be used for all kinds of tests and assay which are held quite often in pharmaceutical industries

🔸 Formulation of syrups: There are different kinds of syrups made by pharmaceutical industries to treat many types of illness such as cough, fever, cold, etc for adults and children. All kinds of syrups are prepared with purified water along with other essential substances. There is no doubt that RO is a good solution to get purified water for the formulation of syrups.

🔸Water For Injection (WIF):

 In the case of parenteral production as well as the preparations where endotoxin content must be controlled, Water For Injection is used. Water for Injection is nothing but water that has no other substances but it should meet the requirements for purified water at the final step. The equipment that is to be used to purify Water For Injection must be able to control microbial contamination and to destroy endotoxins from the water. Such absolute purification is done with the help of RO water treatment in your pharmaceutical industries.

🔸Sterile Water for Injection: Sterile Water for Injection is a sterile diluent for parenteral products and it is prepared when Water For Injection (WFI) is involved in the process of distillation. As WFI needs purified water by Reverse Osmosis (RO), sterile water for injection also inherits the use of RO through WFI.

🔸Sterile water for irrigation: When Water For Injection is packaged and sterilized in containers, it is termed as sterile water for irrigation. It can be used as splash solutions for surgical procedures. As it inherits the use of Water For Injection, the use of RO water treatment is also inherited in this case.

🔸Sterile water for inhalation: When Water For Injection is sterilized and it is in the preparation of inhalation solutions, the water is termed sterile water for inhalation. Water For Injection drags the use of RO system to sterile water for inhalation.

🔸Steam Generation:
There is a variety of steams handled in managing pharmaceutical fluids. For steaming, water is treated to remove dissolved solids, hardness, and silica. RO water treatment can be used here in case of ruining dissolved solids.

🔸Final Rinse:  Purified water is the major source of cleaning equipment and containers. Different kinds of equipment and multiple containers are essential commodities in pharmaceutical productions. If RO-treated water is used for the final rinse of the equipment to be washed, the purified rinsing is achieved.

🔸Tablet coating process:
RO treated purified water can be used to make tablet coating solutions in pharmaceutical industries

Why is purified water needed for the pharmaceutical industry?

Why is RO water treatment for the pharmaceutical industry necessary?🙄

Resultant risks of using impure water in pharmaceutical productions :

🔖Bad impact on health
🔖 Incorrect result in drug manufacturing
🔖 Increased production time
🔖Lowers the standard of the company

Bad impact on health :
Pharmaceutical Industries should have the keen monitoring over the type and quality of water that is used for drug production and other pharmaceutical preparations. If the unpurified water is used to make drugs that could save thousands of lives for many diseases, it can directly create dangerous impacts on human health

Incorrect result in drug preparations:
When the impure water is used during the process of drug preparation, the targeted result may not be achieved as the contaminants collapse the formulation of the process

Increased production time:
As there are multiple failures in reaching the assumed result due to contaminants in the added water during pharmaceutical preparations, the production time is extended over the scheduled period.

Lowers the standard of the company:
If there are mistakes happened during pharmaceutical processess due to unpurified water and then it will leave bad result in the product, the customers of the product are totally disappointed. The more number of customers’ dissatisfaction, the more the standard of the company is lowered.

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The use of RO water treatment for the pharmaceutical industry is endless…

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