Commercial RO Plants Chennai

commercial ro plant in chennai

We are pioneers in the water treatment industry and we provide our customers with high-quality Commercial RO plants. We are a manufacturer and supplier of commercial RO plants in Chennai and Tamil Nadu. Our RO plant system is designed with high-quality filters and membranes.

Our features of commercial RO plant in Chennai :

  • Low cost and maintenance.
  • Easy installation and operator-friendly.
  • High efficiency and produce good flow without blockage.
  • Long durability.

The input feed water quality of the plant should have TDS not more than 2000ppm, free from Iron and SDI <1.  If any of these parameters do not comply with your water this machine is not suitable and if in case of Higher TDS level – choose a different category machine that can handle higher TDS like 3000ppm, 4000ppm, 8000 ppm, or even higher. No iron should be present in water.

TDS Total Dissolved Salts – Amount of salt dissolved in water. Example Seawater TDS is 40000ppm whereas rainwater TDS is 0, 1 or 2ppm, river water – 100ppm to 600ppm, Borewell water TDS generally in Chennai – 400ppm to 4000ppm. In Chennai, the water TDS is less than 2000ppm in areas like Adyar, Annanagar, Mandaveli, Kilpauk, Royapettah, Nungambakkam, etc. but in parts of OMR, the groundwater TDS shoots up to 60000ppm as being many areas where seashore backwater areas.

PPM Parts per Million – Which means 1 part of salt present in 1 million parts of water.

SDI Silt density Index – Is the number of dirt particles in water, if the water is too mirky or dirty the prefiltration system and the Micron and sediment filters will need lots of maintenance and filters have to be replaced and this will also spoil the RO module and increase your costs unnecessarily.

How Commercial RO Plant work :

A Motor pump (usually called a feed pump) is fitted in the pipeline of any raw water outlet or to the raw water tank outlet and the water is pushed to the prefiltration system which removes the sediment impurities up to 100microns and furthers the water moves to the sediment micron filtration system.

Thereafter the water is Highly pressurized by the High Pressure vertical multistage pump which the pressure line is fed to the RO Module (Reverse osmosis membranes) due to high pressure the real salt separation happens and water splits up into 2 parts which are permeated water (potable) and the concentrated water which is wastewater full of salts generated which needs to be disposed of in a drain.

Pre-Filtration System: The pre-filtration system can remove sediment impurities up to 100 microns and these dirt particles can be removed by just turning the lever to backwash mode which removes the dirt in the water and pushes to drain during backwash. Life of the prefilter usually comes more than 8 years.

Various range of Commercial RO Plants in Chennai: