Compact Bathroom Filter

Compact Bathroom Filter

WaterSparks Compact Bathroom filtration system reduces hair fall, protect skin, removes bad odor, makes your clothes more brighter and whiter also gives you a clean healthy water.It can be easily removed and just wash the stainless steel 316 grade mesh and you can re-insert the same mesh into the filter so that it will lasts for life long.

Bathroom filter is compact and easy to operate and can be installed in a small space. removes dissolved iron particles in water upto 50%. It removes suspended impurities in water upto 40 microns. The filter mesh is made of special SUS316L stainless steel, which is easy to clean and durable and lasts for very longer period and does not require change at all, unlike traditional cartridge filters.

Compact Bathroom Filter

Compact bath filter increase life and Efficiency of your water heaters, Washing machines and shower etc. Transparent high-strength protective cover. It allows the user to check the working condition of me, and can clearly see if any foreign coarse particles are blocked by the mesh.

  • Whole Bathroom
  • Washing machine

Specifications of Compact Bathroom Filter :


  • Length – 20cm
  • Height – 8cm
  • Width – 11cm
  • Weight – 328 grams


  • Diameter  –6cm.
  • Height – 20cm.


  • Flow Rate: 13 LPM (Liters per minute) / 780 LPH (Liters per hour).
  • Sediment Removal Range:  upto 40 Microns.
  • Backflush Cycle: Manual by small easy operation valve.
  • Inlet Size: ¾ inch– Male end.
  • Outlet Size: ¾ inch– Male end.
  1. Compact Bathroom filter – 1 Unit.
  2. Plastic Opening Wrench – 1 No.
  3. Brass flush valve with Oring(to be fitted in the bottom of the Unit) – 1 No.
  4. Single screw wall clamp with screw and wall plug fisher – 1 No.
  5. User Manual – 1 No.

  1. All new technology of 2019 with Manual backflush of the micron filter.
  2. Inbuilt backflush valve
  3. Very compact in size.
  4. No filter change require at all for entire lifetime.
  5. New Stainless steel 316L 40 Micron Mesh.