Overhead Tank Filtration

The Overhead Tank Filtration system generally filters all the sediment impurities like sand, silts, dust, chlorine, etc. nowadays even in metro water or panchayat water which we get directly from reserved rainwater also comes in a contaminated state so using that contaminated water also cause harmful disease like flu, viral infections, etc so bypassing this water through the Overhead Tank Filtration gets rid of the contaminations in the water and passes the pure water to the Overhead tank.

  • Easy installation without disturbing your existing pipelines just by-passing to your overhead tank.
  • Makes your water pure by removing minutus dust particles and sediment impurities.
  • The valves are German made which is inbuilt with Ceramic Disc inside.
  • The filtration cylinder vessels are made up of Pentair FRP which is a first quality brand to make FRP vessels.
  • The filter media which is used for Overhead Tank Filtration doesn’t require a change at all it will last for more than 10 to 15 years.
  • All together WATERSPARKS Overhead Tank Filtration System is an “ONE TIME SOLUTION”.

Applications :

  • House.
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Restaurants.
  • All places like wherever they have dust particles contamination problems in their water.

Specifications :

  • Dual Media Filter (DMF):  – Vessel :255mm Dia  X 1370 Height, Filter Media : IR OT1, Silex.
  • Filter Feed pump  – Capacity -700LPH,  Motor– ½ hp, Type- Mono-bloc.
  • Pipe Works – Interconnecting Pipes & Fittings for lines. Water aeration system specially designed pipes.

Various range of overhead tank filtrations: