Hydranautics RO Membranes

Hydranautics RO Membranes

Hydranautics RO Membranes are used to remove salts and minerals from water. We provide the filtration process used in high technology. Our membrane products are reliable and durable in all types of operating environments.

Hydranautics RO Membranes used for drinking water, Boiler fodder, industrial process water, residential water, agricultural irrigation, and pharmaceuticals.

Hydranautics RO Membranes elements are the product of choice when high quality permeates is required. Filmtec RO 4040 Membrane widely used in new equipment and retrofits where system capital and productivity are factors. BW30-400 elements deliver high rejection and may be cleaned over a wider pH range (pH 1 – 13) than other RO elements.

Ultrapure water is essential in many industrial applications. CPA RO membranes are regarded as the industry standard for all critical high purity applications – from pharmaceutical to power industry. CPA lines of spiral-wound RO membranes are available in a variety of sizes and deliver unmatched performance with the highest salt rejection rates for brackish water applications. High throughput, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness make CPA membranes the best high-rejection brackish water RO membranes in the industry.

Our various size of Hydranautics RO Membranes :