5000 LPH Commercial RO Plant

5000 LPH Commercial RO Plant


A 5000 LPH commercial RO plant can generate 5000 litres of pure drinking water in a hour and plant can be ideally used in places where drinking water requirement is 50000 Liters per day, in case even if the requirement exceeds 50000 liters the plant can be operated additional hours to meet your requirements but generally 10 hours of operation is advised for the efficient use of the plant.

Number of Membranes: 6 unit –  Size 40 inches Length X 8 Inch diameter

Brands Used: Usual membrane brands fitted are Filmtec, Hydranautics, Lanxess, Water sparks , hitec and oasis. (Commercial grade membranes)

High pressure pumps brands used are Grundfos, CNP, CRI , FTT etc.

5000 LPH Commercial RO Plant used for :

  • Big Schools, Offices, factories and Institutions
  • Big Hotels, Restaurants, Food and Beverage Industry.
  • Centralized RO plant suitable for Flats and Apartments
  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry
  • Paper and Pulp Industry.
  • Also can be customized as per requirement.

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Specifications of 5000 LPH Commercial RO Plant :

S.No. Specifications Details of EquipmentQuantity
1Raw Water Transfer Pump:
Horizontal, centrifugal pump of capacity
12 m³ / hr with base frame and couplings and motor @ 2.2 kw
1 No.
2Dual Media Filter:
Supply, Erection and Commissioning of Pressure Sand Filter with following specifications:
Size :610mm(dia) X 1830mm (height)
Top & Bottom Flange type.
Design Pressure : 10.0 Kg / Cm²
Working Pressure : 6.0 Kg / Cm²
Service Flow Rate : 20 m³ / hr
Vessel: SS 316 Grade
Filter Media:  Silex, Anthracite& Pebbles 
Valves: Multi-Port Valves (Manual)
Accessories: Frontal pipes, Values, Two Pressure Gauges fitted to give indication pressure drop through filter
Hitech / Pentair1 set
3Multi Graded Filter:
Supply, Erection and Commissioning of  Activated Carbon Filter specifications:
Size : 610mm(dia) X 1830mm (height)
Top & Bottom Flange type.
Design Pressure : 10.0 Kg / Cm²
Working Pressure : 6.0 Kg / Cm²
Service Flow Rate : 20 m³ / hr
Vessel: SS 316 Grade
Filter Media: Silex, Granular Activated CarbonIodine Value 950
Valves: Multi-Port Valves Manual.
Accessories : Frontal pipes, Values, Two Pressure Gauges fitted to give indication pressure drop through filter
Hitech / Pentair 1 set
420” Jumbo Micron filters cartridges with housings Capacity: 10m³ / hrStandard make 4 Nos
5SS High Pressure Pump with Motor
Flow rate: 12m³ / hr @7.5kw
CNP/ Grundfos
SS 316 Grade
1 No
6 8” Dia Element FRP Membrane Housing
Two element housing
Dax/ WaterSparksr3 Nos
7RO – Membranes – 203.2mm Dia X 1016mm Height.Filmtec / Hydranautics6 Nos
8RO Skid with necessary Rota meters with required SS valves and accessoriesComplete SS 3041 set
9Pipe Works SS316pipes and fittings for High pressure lines, CPVC and BrassValves for high pressure lines.
Feed flow, Reject flow regulation valves to suit the design pressure ratings.
CPVC and SS 316grade1 lot
10 Electrical Control Panel with Necessary cabling works
All accessories would premium branded only.
Astero NXT1 No
11 Instrumentation Works
Input water -Flow meter
RO Product and Reject flow meters
Imported1 no
2 nos
12 Chemical dosing Tank & Pump:
(Anti-Scalent & Hi- Silica)
Dosing Pump:
Flow rate: 0-12 lph
Dosing Tank:
Capacity: 100 lit
Edose / Idose
1 no.

1 no.
13 Clients Scope RO Plant Room
Size: 5M (Metres) x 2.5 M x 2.5M (HOS)
Equipment Foundations
Client ScopeAs required
  • It’s just connect and start use concept. Latest design, Latest Equipments used, High Durability.
  • No Anti-scalent required like traditional old RO plants, High pressure Auto flushing takes care of the membrane thus eliminating anti-scalent dosing cost which in turn is a very huge savings on your recurring expenditure
  • Online Volt meter, flow-meters, panel lights, push in starter switches etc helps the operation of the machine very easier.
  • Auto flush valve (auto timed) helps to double the life of the membrane.
  • Low pressure switch and tank full option can make the system fully automatic.
  • No Operator required as the plant can be made fully Automatic with level sensors.


Cartridge filter is provided to remove suspended matter and guard against the entry of foreign material into the final treatment.


To overcome the Natural Osmotic Pressure a reverse thrust of high pressure is required to separate the Ions from water.

Depending upon the projection, an initial feed pressure is determined.

A Vertical Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump is used for this application.


Production of low dissolved solids  content by reverse osmosis using state of the art TFC Membranes. The high dissolved  are separated into two streams. Product stream – with 2-3% of the feed salt will be collected. The second stream ( Reject stream ) of 97-98% more concentrated salt will be collected. Based on the feed conditions and controlling parameters a recovery ratio can be worked out from 60-75%


Membranes form the barrier for the ionic separation. This separates the water into two streams. A product stream with ionic impurities and a reject stream with high ionic impurities.The ratio of two streams depends upon the design and can be anywhere between 0.3 – 0.7. The membranes are sensitive to various types of fouling and scaling factors. Hence a proper pre-treatment is necessary. Polyamide thin composite membranes are used and is currently imported items.


The skid supports the reverse osmosis pressure vessel, membrane, control panel, pressure gauges and etc., The skid mounted design helps in assembling of components at the shop floor easier and much faster.

An isometric AutoCAD design is developed for SKID Fabrication for better space utilization and plant aesthetics.


To check the quality and monitor continuously, Online Conductivity Meter will be provided at the RO permeate water.


This is a separate unit out of the RO Machine which safe guards the machine and gives a longer durability to the RO machine – the raw water is fed to this system so that the color, turbidity and suspended impurities are removed, to certain extent and then water passes to the micron filter in the RO Machine. Certain bacteria and virus are also in-activated due to the activated carbon in this chamber.