Iron Removal Plant in Chennai

Iron Removal Plant in Chennai

An iron removal filtration system is used to remove the Iron in the water and an iron removal system is used at the places to treat the water which is already penetrated by iron. The water which is coming out from the ground through bore has the highest possibility to be as iron water.

  • Usually, what happens the water which is under the ground is mingled with soil, and moreover in all soils, the iron content will be present but in many places, the iron level will be rich so when the water in this soil has iron in it because the iron which presents in the soil will penetrate to the water and that’s the reason water becomes Iron Water.
Iron Removal Plant Chennai
  • Also, many people call it as having several names like “Yellow water, Brown water, Sand water, turbid water” all these names define mostly that their water is Iron Water. The reasons behind those names are because of the color change that happens in the water and let’s see how these color changes happen.
  • As we already know the iron will get rust with the combination of air when the water comes out from the ground the water will remain white as pure water once it stored in Overhead tank or some vessel for few minutes the water gets to combine with air and the irons present in the water.
  • Also gets combined in the air and the rusting process takes place and if the iron level remains low the color of the water turn into “Yellow” if the iron level in the water remains high then the color of the water turns into “Brown” and in this case, some people call it as “Sand water” when the color of the water changes from white the water will lose its transparency so some people call it “Turbid water”.
  • By noticing only the color changes we should not confirm it as Iron Water because nowadays in many houses which are surrounded by factories and industries have some kind of chemical contamination in their water even that will also appear to be yellow.
  • So there are a few methods to confirm whether your water is Iron Water or not. First of all the water which is coming out from the bore tap either will remain white and clear or it might be yellow or brown. Fill the vessel or bucket with the direct water which is coming out from your bore line rather than coming from a storage tank or overhead tank.
  • After filling the vessel or bucket leave the water unclosed for sometime like an hour after an hour you will observe your water has the formation of a layer in the bottom of the vessel or bucket and the upper layer of the water will remain clear with little turbidity that is because the iron which is present in the water gets rusted when it combined with air and the rusted iron particles settle down as it is heavy if this happens then your water is Iron Water it needs to be treated.

Iron removal plant

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