1000 LPD Water Softener Plant

1000 LPD Water Softener Plant

Applications of 1000 LPD Water Softener Plant :

  • House.
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Restaurants.

We are largest manufacture of 1000 LPD Water Softener Plant Chennai. Water softener plant for home, hotels, and all places like wherever they have hard water in their water.


Specifications of 1000 LPD Water Softener Plant :

S.NO Specifications Details of EquipmentQuantity
1 Dual Media Filter (DMF):  
Supply, Erection and Commissioning of Pressure DMF with following Specifications:
Vessel :255mm Dia  X 1370 Height
Design Pressure : 10.0 Kg / Cm²
Working Pressure : 3.0 Kg / Cm²
Filter Media :  IR OT1, Silex.
Valves : Multi-Port Valves: 25NB (Manual)
Accessories : Frontal pipes, Values, Pressure Gauge fitted to give indication pressure drop through filter
Clean Water
1 Set.
Supply, Erection and Commissioning of  Water Conditioner (Softener) Specifications:
Vessel : 255mm Dia  X 1220 Height
Design Pressure : 10.0 Kg / Cm²
Working Pressure : 3.0 Kg / Cm²
Filter Media : Resin T40Na+ Ion Exchange
Valves : Multi-Port Valves: 25 NB  (Manual)
Accessories : Frontal pipes, Values, Two Pressure Gauges fitted to give indication pressure drop through filter
 Clean Water
1 Set
3 Regeneration Tank 
50 Litres Tank
MOC  : Plastic
50 Litres Tank would be provided for Regeneration Purpose for NACL solution
Standard make1 No
4 Filter Feed pump  
Capacity 700LPH, Head- 28 Metres;
 Motor– 1/2 hp, Type- Mono-bloc.
Kirloskar/ Suguna/DAB
1 no
Client scope
5 Pipe Works
Interconnecting Pipes & Fittings for lines. Water aeration system specially designed pipes.
Client scope
  1. Easy installation without disturbing your existing pipelines just by-passing to your overhead tank.
  2. Makes your water crystal clear by removing minutus Iron particles.
  3. The valves are German made which is inbuilt with Ceramic Disc inside.
  4. The filtration cylinder vessels are made up of Pentair FRP which is first quality brand to make FRP vessels
  5. The Filter media which is used for Iron removal doesn’t require a change at all it will last for more than 10 to 15 years
  6. All together WATERSPARKS Iron Removal Filtration System is an “ONE TIME SOLUTION”.

1000 LPD water softener plant Chennai :

  • The 1000 LPD water softener plant contains a tank full of resin beads looking for positively-charged ions. The beads capture calcium and magnesium, which stick to the resin beads, which are drastically removed from the water.
  • Once the adhesive beads are hard coated, the water should be softened and regenerated. Salt sits in the bottom of the salt tank or in particles. When water flows through the salt tank, it contacts salt and creates a sodium solution called salt water.
  • The resin beads are bombarded with salt, so they surrender the calcium and magnesium ions and send them to the drain. Salt in the brine tank recharges the resin with sodium ions, so the softener is ready to treat water again.
  • Water softener does not reduce total dissolved solids (TDS). In fact, it adds solids soluble in water. Removing TDS after softening is very effective. A water softener exchanges calcium and magnesium ions for two to one sodium ions: two sodium ions for each mineral ion.
  • The amount of sodium added to soft water is very low, but mothers who are on a reduced sodium diet or who have children in infant formula may be concerned.
  •  A reverse osmosis system installed after a softener will remove any excess sodium from the water. Use a DTS meter to determine the amount of solids in your water after softening. Potassium chloride is an alternative to softening salt, but it is three times more expensive and a maintenance nightmare. Potassium moves easily, resulting in softening and cleaning of the extra salt tank.