Iron Removal | Water Softener | RO Plants

Iron is the common contaminated water that homeowners face. Iron will leave stains on drinking glass, toilets, bathtubs, tiles, and clothes. A small particle of iron content water changes your food tastes. It will damage your pipeline system. This is one of the most prevalent water quality issues faced by house owners. There are many solutions to solve the iron water. one of the main solutions is to use an iron water filter system. Iron water Filter is disposing of the extra Iron content present within the feed water with minimal stress drop. It will make the water proper for domestic and industrial use.

Iron removal plants can be based totally on unique filtration media relying on iron and manganese awareness, oxygen level, CO2 content, and water hardness. In this, the air is pumped to oxidize the iron, where it falls into a sand filter out with antioxidant iron. The MnO2 layer in the sand bed induces the oxidation of the residual iron, followed by retardation by water and air.