Water Softener Plants


Water Softener Plant removes hard minerals like calcium and magnesium that create hard water before it enters your Overhead Tank. When hard minerals (calcium and magnesium) combines with heat, it forms white scaling and clogs your plumbing pipes, water heaters, and other bathroom or kitchen appliances. When it gets combined with soap the calcium, and magnesium form scum that accumulates on plumbing and fixtures. And also makes your skin dry and itchy, your hair lifeless, and your laundry dull.

Water collects minerals from the soil so calcium, magnesium, and other metallic elements are penetrated in the water. These minerals make your water hard and it is called hard water. Hard water is nothing but water rich in calcium and magnesium. Hard water naturally occurs when water is highly combined with calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. There are many minerals present in your water but only by calculating the level of these two minerals( Calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate), the water will be certified whether it is Hard water or not.

Water is an excellent solvent and dissolves the minerals that create scale formation, other problems which lead to additional expenses and maintenance but only to a certain level. When the hardness of water exceeds more than 120 ppm, it is considered hard water and really we have to concern about that as it may cause many problems for your valuables as well as your health. For example: if you use the hard water throughout the years your entire pipeline will get clogged and you do not get proper water flow not only your pipeline it will also spoil your bathroom fittings, faucets and you will have severe hair fall problem, skin irritations, itchings and for kids even it can cause mouth ulcers. So it is better to treat hard water before we can use it.

The proper way to treat hard water is to remove defined hard minerals by exchanging the ions present in the water called water softening which is the easiest way to treat the hard water problem. When you soften the water and remove the calcium and magnesium, it corrects the structure of hard water. Water heater filters don’t remove minerals but hold them in a solution through a process called sequestration. Minerals in solution cannot break free and form. Size inhibitors do not provide the benefits of softened water; they simply reduce the size.

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