Venus Createch Solutions provides a solution for those who worried about doing backwash manually by operating a manual backwash iron removal plant. We also manufacture Fully Automatic Iron Removal Plant System so that you don’t have to do backwash manually as it does backwash automatically based on the Flow rate of water or Timer which we set.

To make you understand clearly we will explain to you how this Auto Backwash happens.

  1. If we installing an Auto Backwash Iron removal plant that has to be done backwash daily, in this case, we will set backwash in a Timer-based like each day when that particular fixed time comes Backwash happens automatically based on the given time (For example: If we set as Timer base like 6 am, every day sharp 6 am the backwash process happens
  2. If we installing an Auto Backwash Iron Removal Plant that has to be done backwash partially based on how much water passed through that filter, in this case, we will set backwash in a Flow-based as this much liters passed through the filter then immediately backwash process happens automatically (For example: If we set Flow base as 2000 Liters once 2000 Liters passed through the filter the backwash happens)

Above there are three pictures which are actual pictures from the sites which we installed. We customize plants based on the customer’s requirement only after inspecting the site by visiting directly so you will get a very suitable product for your present situation as well as the future. Other than that all the operations like removing iron and filtering processes all are the same as our Manual Iron Removal Plant Filteration System

Benefits of Auto Backwash Iron Removal Filter:

  • Reduce the daily maintenance.
  • Wear clean and Bright clothes without stain marks.
  • White remains White.
  • Eliminate the unwanted stain marks from your bathroom floor and toilets.
  • A decrease in detergent usage.
  • Increase clothing and linen longevity.