Institutional RO Plants

Our products of water purification system for different categories are listed with the specification details of various sizes of ro plants .


Industrial RO System

Industrial Reverse osmosis system is used by small and large manufacturing companies, We are the best manufacturer and supplier of industrial RO Plants ranging in different sizes. Industrial RO water system is especially used in commercial sites.

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Iron Removal Plants

Iron removal plants are commonly installed in all areas industries, companies, residence. Iron water filter is properly installed with areation process of different sizes which is suitable for residence also. We are providing automatic back wash system for iron removal plant.

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Institutional RO System

We are providing the suitable reverse osmosis system for instituions all over chennai, Our Reverse osmosis plant provide the purified water for around 500 liters capacity for the institutions. Based on the capacity we are offering with various sizes of ro water plants.

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Water Softener

Water softener is commonly used to remove the hardness of the water it helps to protect our hair, skin from the minerals present in the hard water, Best solution will be provided by us after the water TDS test to find total dissolved salts present in the well water. .

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Domestic RO(RO+UV+UF)

Reverse osmosis water system is used to purify the bore well water, Ultra violet radiation filter is used to kills the micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses present in the well water. After UV proicess RO will be done to filter the dead micro-organisms.

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Wastewater Reclamation

Waste water reclamation system is fully automatic with zero manual intervention.No- pumps, No electrical parts, No mechanics for waste water treatment system & energy will be saved by 75%.And it just works on the compressor.

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Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant